Saturday, September 20, 2008

the historical experience of the agrarian reform in our country

it shouldn't come as any surprise that, in our attempt to rid the world of angst-dude-beard-rock, old testament heroes liaise with various agencies.

to that end, keep an ear to the pavement for a contribution to the cause from sleepies, nyc ambassadors of nice-kid-freak-punk and bastions of punctuality. tentatively emerging under the moniker "join the shark," said statement of intent will feature a seven-point program for dismantling the machocracy. currently undergoing a revision to work out the specifics of a proposed coordinated napalm mustache strike, this position paper, doom song #005, should be ready for distribution by november of this calender year, where it will join its distinguished comrades on the marketplace of (bad) ideas:

doom song #004: old testament heroes - "midi à quatorze heures" (forthcoming)
doom song #003: old testament heroes - "an intelligent design (november 2007)
doom song #002: old testament heroes - "s/t" (january 2006)
doom song #001: the sidekicks - "party favors" (september 2001)

sleep like you mean it,
old testament heroes

Saturday, September 13, 2008


so: the new recordings have been complicated by my inability to adequately do anything (like, mastering them onto a ten year old cassette tape), and now the original tapes are several thousand miles way from me. as soon as i can tell my folx what wires to connect where, perhaps they will remaster it for me.

"midi à quatorze heures" EP available quite soon, indeed.

a wise man once said: 'you're in high school again.'