Saturday, January 2, 2010

ma'am, i hate to bother you...


"culture war" is imminent. committed to tape in the waning days of the year of our lord 2009 and awaiting only the 'mixing' (whatever that means), it contains old testament heroes' 21-point programme to overthrow the running dogs of the bored-geoisie.

old testament heroes insist that culture war be waged not only i.) by we the disgusted against the various forces of wretched abstention and orgone-inhibition, but also ii.) for the health of our 'alternative' against those who would exploit it for their own boring-shit dunderheaded aims (including, but not limited to: humorless d-beat bands, freak-folk neo-hippie yelpers, droney hacks, the mustachioed, etc.).

package will include recorded matter and pamphlet outlining the goals of our programme. previous party publications still available: "an intelligent design" and "midi à quatorze heures...".

take care of each other,