Wednesday, October 29, 2008

battle hymn of the orgone inhibitors

while the rest of the country is in the throws of subcommandante palin's shattering assertion that someone named barack obama once, you know, MET A PALESTINIAN, old testament heroes have been quietly working away to bring you nuggets of hopeless lunacy...because really, that's the only correct response to such things, yes?

anyway, both 'virtual christmas party' and 'the historical experience of the agrarian reform in our country' (o.t.h. side of the sleepies split) are moving right along. the former should drop nine truth bombs (currently a third done, with summertime youth anthems about the minutemen project, the punkrockmachocracy, and jesus christ as object of libidinal investment...oughta be a winner) at some point late next year, while the latter will, in five one-minute bursts of somethingorother, attempt to retell the history of the north korean farmland expropriations in a more-or-less not-so-serious manner. yay!

believe the hype,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rise above, we're gonna...

old testament heroes understands that people often get dismissed by claiming access to these kinds of visions, but we are here to show that they are REAL. today, october 21st, old testament heroes saw black flag in its cheese sandwich:

furthermore, old testament heroes has waaaaaay too much time on its hands.

Monday, October 6, 2008

minutemen > minutemen


old testament heroes just finished an a cappella song about resurrecting d. boon, rallying an army of punx and undocumented workers, marching into minutemen project founder jim gilchrist's living room and taking a giant collective dump on his rug.

old testament heroes is pretty pleased with itself.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

prolegomena to a culture war


exciting happenings in abstinence-land!  since it is customary, in the spirit of calling oneself a 'band' type of thing, to every now and again unleash some collection of half-cogent ramblings onto the marketplace, old testament heroes is excited to announce that the motherfucking reckoning will be coming on saturday, november 8th, in the form of several almost-punk-rock novelty items.

to wit:

old testament heroes - "midi à quatorze heures" EP
nine new rocknroll aphorisms for the attention-span impaired.

sleepies - "join the shark" EP
opening salvo from fellow conspirators.  if you are the kind of person that likes things, you will like this.

also, all that previous talk of "new recordings" was fucking bullshit, man.  trashed, scrapped, forsaken, etc.  we will be going back to the lab in the coming months to give birth to a brand new full-length rancid hellspawn.  we have named it "culture war," and it promises to be just that.  17 new propaganda songs guaranteed to kick the breeder mentality in the shins.  emerging sometime in early 2009 from the habitat for huge manatees.  as always, doom song #006.

in closing, because it is always helpful to plan farther ahead than one can actually produce, the following actions remain on the horizon:

i.) old testament heroes/sleepies split, doom song #007
in case you doubted our solidarity...

ii.) old testament heroes - "virtual christmas party" EP, doom song #008
some number of points extolling the virtues of stateless multinationals and jesus.

be on the lookout for a new autonomous cell, tentatively at:

alert the papers & wake up the neighbors,