Wednesday, October 29, 2008

battle hymn of the orgone inhibitors

while the rest of the country is in the throws of subcommandante palin's shattering assertion that someone named barack obama once, you know, MET A PALESTINIAN, old testament heroes have been quietly working away to bring you nuggets of hopeless lunacy...because really, that's the only correct response to such things, yes?

anyway, both 'virtual christmas party' and 'the historical experience of the agrarian reform in our country' (o.t.h. side of the sleepies split) are moving right along. the former should drop nine truth bombs (currently a third done, with summertime youth anthems about the minutemen project, the punkrockmachocracy, and jesus christ as object of libidinal investment...oughta be a winner) at some point late next year, while the latter will, in five one-minute bursts of somethingorother, attempt to retell the history of the north korean farmland expropriations in a more-or-less not-so-serious manner. yay!

believe the hype,

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