Saturday, January 2, 2010

ma'am, i hate to bother you...


"culture war" is imminent. committed to tape in the waning days of the year of our lord 2009 and awaiting only the 'mixing' (whatever that means), it contains old testament heroes' 21-point programme to overthrow the running dogs of the bored-geoisie.

old testament heroes insist that culture war be waged not only i.) by we the disgusted against the various forces of wretched abstention and orgone-inhibition, but also ii.) for the health of our 'alternative' against those who would exploit it for their own boring-shit dunderheaded aims (including, but not limited to: humorless d-beat bands, freak-folk neo-hippie yelpers, droney hacks, the mustachioed, etc.).

package will include recorded matter and pamphlet outlining the goals of our programme. previous party publications still available: "an intelligent design" and "midi à quatorze heures...".

take care of each other,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

honor roll/i seen a rainbow...

comrades, friends–

thanks to some diligent and sometimes chemically enhanced getaway driving, we at the O.T.H. Ministry of Information are proud to announce that the following partners in crime...

-Big Fiction
-The People of Austin, TX
-The People of Houston, TX

...are all old testament heroes!

that is all,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

we will keep building!


as it's been some months since the last communiqué, old testament heroes thought it prudent to update the various and sundry OTH sleeper cells of current activities.

on 10/8/2009, a co-publication between old testament heroes and brooklyn, NY's sleepies will emerge, affirming their fundamental solidarity in the struggle to promote d.i.y. nice-kid-freak-punk against boring-shit dunderheads of all kinds.

this affirmation will take the form of a 'split audiocassette', with sleepies contributing two new songs, and old testament heroes finally releasing its five-point assessment of the north korean agrarian expropriations, entitled "the historical experience of the agrarian reform in our country."

visit for more information.

also, after much bluster, the "culture war" is upon us. 22 more rocknroll aphorisms, coming late 2009.

please, for the love of god, don't buy gang gang dance albums. it's really beneath you.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

don't mourn, organize.


that is all.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

culture war in the flesh


old testament heroes is coming to town with sleepies to smoke you out of your holes.

check it:

wednesday, nov. 19th
old testament heroes, sleepies, maxwell's demon (more TBA)
8pm – the charleston (bedford and n. 7th)

come, and bring napalm for the upper lips of the mustacheland machocracy.

copies of the new official publication of the party's information organ, "midi à quatorze heures," will be available for mass consumption.

so, you know, "go tell your fucking friends." - kathleen hanna


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

battle hymn of the orgone inhibitors

while the rest of the country is in the throws of subcommandante palin's shattering assertion that someone named barack obama once, you know, MET A PALESTINIAN, old testament heroes have been quietly working away to bring you nuggets of hopeless lunacy...because really, that's the only correct response to such things, yes?

anyway, both 'virtual christmas party' and 'the historical experience of the agrarian reform in our country' (o.t.h. side of the sleepies split) are moving right along. the former should drop nine truth bombs (currently a third done, with summertime youth anthems about the minutemen project, the punkrockmachocracy, and jesus christ as object of libidinal investment...oughta be a winner) at some point late next year, while the latter will, in five one-minute bursts of somethingorother, attempt to retell the history of the north korean farmland expropriations in a more-or-less not-so-serious manner. yay!

believe the hype,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rise above, we're gonna...

old testament heroes understands that people often get dismissed by claiming access to these kinds of visions, but we are here to show that they are REAL. today, october 21st, old testament heroes saw black flag in its cheese sandwich:

furthermore, old testament heroes has waaaaaay too much time on its hands.